Welcoming Luis Mendoza!


Luis works at Capital Community Television (CCTV) in Salem, OR as the Community Facilitator and loves helping people develop their ideas into programs. Video production started as a hobby for Luis, and has turned into his full time job.

He produces three different Spanish-language programs. CVEL PUNTO is a talk show that covers important information in the Spanish speaking community. The title of the show is a combination of the first letter of the hosts’ names, which combined with “Punto” means “We See the Point”.  His second program is called Conexión con la Salud (Health Connection) which is about eating healthy, staying fit and preventing illness. The third program is Mini Concierto de Studio 77 (Mini concerts of Spanish music). 

He is also the director for a monthly music series called Local Roots, where local bands perform 30 minutes of original music in CCTV’s studios.  English is his second language, which he continues to work hard to master. He likes new challenges, because that’s how you learn and grow.  In his free time, Luis enjoys spending time with family and friends, and working on cars, motorcycles, and electronics.   


2019 Best of the Northwest Awards Now Open for Entries

17879799_1260395290742442_938913614513695120_oThe 2019 Best of the Northwest Awards are open for your entries!

The Best of the Northwest Awards is a chance for you to showcase exceptional media programs. This prestigious awards contest honors outstanding programs produced by community media/PEG (public, educational, government) access TV and other non-commercial media in the Northwest region (Alaska, Alberta, British Columbia, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming) of the Alliance for Community Media.

This contest is looking for programs that you take pride in! Programs that people watched and appreciated, that made a difference in your community, and demonstrated all that community access has to offer.

For over 20 years, Best of the Northwest has supported programs that are made on a local level. With your entry, you’ll be joining a group of the Northwest’s most successful community and local access producers. You’ll also be supporting the Alliance for Community Media, an organization which works to preserve community access for future generations.

Entries will be judged at community media centers outside of the Northwest Region.

Best of the Northwest grants awards in eighteen categories, as well as our highest award for Overall Excellence in P.E.G. Programming. Award winners are presented with a plaque for their outstanding program!

Awards will be presented at the 2019 NW Media Summit on April 13, 2019. Entries are due by February 28.


Action Alert – FCC seeks to preempt local control

From the national Alliance for Community Media:

Summary: The FCC has issued a Further Notice of Proposed Rule Making on Cable Franchising (https://www.fcc.gov/document/fcc-seeks-comment-lfas-regulation-cable-operators). There will be public comment and reply deadlines this Fall. The FCC may issue a ruling in 2019.

Impact on communities and PEG: The FCC is proposing to rule that all “In-Kind” cable franchise obligations other than PEG capital costs and build-out requirements are a “franchise fee” under the Cable Act and thus count against the 5% franchise fee cap. The FCC would define “In-Kind” contributions so broadly as to undermine the Cable Act’s intent to provide franchise fees to communities for use of public rights of way. Any non-monetary benefit could conceivably be charged back against franchise fees – from backhaul services, to electronic program guides, to the value of PEG channel capacity itself. The charge backs would be at fair market value as determined by the cable industry, so we believe in some areas franchise fees might be eliminated in their entirety.

Action: ACM will coordinate legal responses to the FNPRM and will work with national allies in the rulemaking. We will provide instructions to guide your communities so you can reply to the proceeding when deadlines are published.

You should do two things in this proceeding: You should set aside time to prepare comments later this fall about the importance of your work to the community. And you should contact political leaders at the local, state and federal level (on both sides of the aisle) to express their displeasure to the FCC at this action to undermine the Cable Act. We can supply materials to help with this action as well.

More info at: http://www.allcommunitymedia.org/latest-news/acm-public-policy-action-update-sept-2018 

Welcoming Cheyenne Allott!

The ACMNWR Board is pleased to welcome our latest addition to the board, Cheyenne (Shy) Allott!


About Shy:

Cheyenne (Shy) Allott is a veteran of the comic and pop culture industry, and has been serving in marketing and events roles for almost a decade. Currently a Senior Account Manager at Bonfire Marketing in Portland, Oregon, Shy brings a deep understanding of marketing, sales and event management to the Alliance for Community Media Northwest.

Passionate about inclusivity & representation, Shy has long advocated for social change and awareness in various mediums.

Radio Survivor Podcast #140: From Podcasting to Virtual Reality, with Reagan Jackson and Sandy Cioffi recorded live at the ACMNWR Summit

Recorded live at the “Access The Future” Summit held at the end of April in Portland, the Radio Survivor podcast was a great event.  From the Radio Survivor site:

Our first live episode might just blow your mind. Recorded at the Alliance for Community Media Northwest Summit, it’s time to break down barriers between media platforms. That’s we’re tackling podcasting and virtual reality, and how they relate to social justice and equity. Our guests are writer, artist, teacher and activist Reagan Jackson and Sandy …

Source: Podcast #140 – From Podcasting to Virtual Reality, with Reagan Jackson and Sandy Cioffi

Congratulations to the Best of the Northwest Winners!

The ACMNWR held its 2018 Best of the Northwest Awards ceremony at OpenSignal in Portland, Oregon on April 28 as part the Region’s “Access the Future” summit.  Hosted by Greg Marks, the awards honored 18 winners of this year’s “Best of the Northwest”.

Watch the ceremony via YouTube:

The winners are:

I’m Still Inside
PSAs, Promos, and Station IDs

The Women’s March on Olympia
Democracy in Action

The Unknown
Produced by Youth

Storytime with Miss Bethany

Cooper Slug

On the Road – the Olympic Discovery Trail

On the Road – the Olympic Discovery Trail
Informative Feature

Oregon City State of the City 2017
Forums and Events

Holiday Showcase
Local Performance

Community Hotline – 1000th Episode
Studio Talk Show

Tucker Maxon School

Rest, Not Arrest
Community Involvement/Empowerment/ Making a Difference

2017 OSAA 6A Basketball State Championship – Clackamas v Jefferson

Non-English Programming

Just Kidding Around
Shows for Children

The Naz
Inspirational and Religious

The Decision
Instructional, Training, and Educational

Clackamas County Overall Programming Excellence
Capital Community Television Overall Excellence
Overall Excellence in Public, Educational, or Government Access Programming

The ACMNWR board thanks our main ceremony sponsor, Castus; also OpenSignal for providing their facility and staff for the ceremony, the judges for selecting the winners out of many entries, Truckee Tahoe Community Television for producing the clip reel, and all the community media producers for all their great entries!